image of beach at English Bay Vancouver with seagull

I began my career as a phototypesetter in 1978 in Winnipeg, Manitoba typesetting in French on a 3 year contract for the United Nations. Working on various Compugraphic, AM and Quadex equipment I made my way to Vancouver in 1985 where I worked for Beach House Graphics and Vancouver Typesetting. Upon returning from a year studying opera at the Banff Centre for the Arts I helped Beach House Graphics set up its first “Macintosh Studio” in 1990 and have been working with Adobe software ever since.

My love for typesetting and typography has never faded and I’m at my most productive when working on lengthy, type-intensive projects like annual reports and catalogues. Proofreading is something I enjoy and a service I am pleased to offer. Through the years I’ve developed from my type beginnings into a seasoned graphic designer, art director and web designer/producer. I find great satisfaction in Photoshop retouching and am known and regarded for my speed, accuracy and love of language. I have extensive knowledge of French typesetting and am comfortable working in both English and French.

I’d be happy to give you a quote or just advice on any project big or small.

Miles Linklater